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Janis Lariviere

Janis Lariviere is Associate Director for Teacher Development in the Center for Science Education at the University of Kansas. She joined the center in September of 2006. You can buy cheap articles that focus on the topic of science education and explore all the details left unfound by previous writers.

From 1998 until 2006 Janis was a Program Coordinator and instructor in the College of Natural Sciences at The University of Texas at Austin. She coordinated two programs: UTeach, a program that prepares secondary science, mathematics and computer science teachers; and Discovery Learning, a program that encourages inquiry-based teaching and learning in undergraduate education. UTeach was created in 1997 in order to increase the number of talented natural science majors certifying to teach secondary school. UTeach has increased the number of future mathematics and science teachers at UT from 28 in the fall of 1997 to over 400 today, certifying about 80 teachers each year.

Before joining the university, Janis taught high school science for 24 years in Iowa, New Jersey and Texas. During those years, she was awarded a number of honors for the quality of her teaching:

  • Eleanor Roosevelt Teaching Fellow (1995)
  • Access Excellence Award (1994)
  • Texas Excellence Award for Outstanding High School Teachers (1992)
  • Woodrow Wilson National Fellow (1991 and 1992)
  • Austin High School Teacher of the Year (1991)
  • Tandy Technology Scholar (1991)
  • Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for Texas (1988)
  • State Finalist Presidential Awards for Excellence in Science Teaching (1988)
In addition to teaching and program administration, Janis has written and edited textbooks, served on local, state and national panels, and presented workshops throughout the country.

Janis Lariviere received a BS in biology (along with teacher certification) from The University of Iowa in 1971 and a masters degree in the same field at Drexel University in Philadelphia (1979). Her masters thesis dealt with water quality issues.