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K-12 Support: Mentoring Opportunities

The Center for Science Education is very interested in supporting the interaction of the research community with students. It is important for students to see how research skills are used in real-world settings. Mentors from the community can provide this valuable context. This mentoring will be occurring through video conferencing over the Internet. It is not the intent of Center for Science Education to overly burden mentors with unwanted responsibilities associated with many face to face meetings, therefore electronic communication is the main tool for working with students. At https://123helpme.org/articles/buy-film-review/ you can easily buy essay review movie on any topic you wish, no matter the topic or difficulty.

The role of the Center for Science Education telementor is to support and encourage students in their attempts to conduct meaningful, authentic, science research. Mentors can work with classroom science teachers, classrooms of students with ideas and feedback, research groups of students working on specific research projects and/or individual students working on their own research. The mentor can assist teachers in the design of experimental activities promoting understanding in the area of research. They can provide valuable "expert" information and help students to understand concepts. They can provide thought provoking questions.

Coordination will be through the Center for Science Education to organize video conferences with mentors.

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