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Related Science Education Presentations from Affiliated Faculty

This is a new feature of the KUSCIED website. Most presentations have not yet been added.

  • Baker, T.R. & Fitzpatrick, C. (April 2006). GIS in public education. The Mid-America GIS Symposium (MAGIC). Kansas City.
  • Baker, T.R. (July 2004). Research on GIS in education. Panel. ESRI Education Conference. San Diego, CA.
  • Baker, T.R. (Sept 2004). G.I. technologies in science education. Kansas Association of Biology Teachers, Wichita, KS.
  • Case, S.B. (2001). The Brandwein Summer Leadership Institute, Instructor/facilitator for biodiversity and leadership conference.
  • Case, S.B. (2000). National Conference on the Teaching of Evolution (NCTE), Berkeley, Invited keynote speaker, The Evolution Crisis in Kansas. This NSF sponsored conference brought together a broad representation of scientific, educational, and other interested professional organizations to improve the quality and accessibility of materials that support the teaching of evolution.